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So, how do you get into Kylie Jenners Kylie Jenners room. And the room itself is actually more like a big bathroom than anything else. But if youre going to try to get in there, you might as well get the best view possible of what Jenner is wearing. Youre going to need some people to help you with this. As a celebrity of course youre going to be able to hire bodyguard-types to help you with this. But the problem is, you dont know anyone who could do this job and it wouldnt be easy. Youre going to have to go out and scour the celebrity community for some people to help you. And as a private citizen, youre not really allowed to go out at all. You cant even do it without an escort. You arent sure if all of this is even worth it though. The bodyguard jobsIf youre going to do this, youre going to have to at least do it legally. The first thing youre going to do is hire a bodyguard of some sort, somebody with enough money so that heshe isnt going to get yourself into trouble. You need, you need help and you will pay for the best and cheapest bodyguard around. In the meantime, there are other things you could do to try to improve your own security. Youre going to try to do a lot of these things while youre here. And youre going to try to do them as quickly as you can. The reason why you can do them so quickly is the fact that Jenner is actually staying a lot closer to your hotel than she would at a normal hotel since shes been in a good mood the past few days. You figure shes going to be staying at the Bellagio. You havent stayed there before, but then you dont need to since your room is a mere block away from Jenners. In the morning, you leave your room and walk down to the lobby, where you quickly find Jenner waiting for you. You give the short, but sweet and charming greeting that youve come to see her and then introduce yourself. Jenner takes your hand and smiles at you.

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