What celebrities voted for donald trump

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I dont watch much Hollywood, but I remember when Trump said about Rosie ODonnell that Rosie was fat and ugly. I remember when Trump mocked a reporter with a disability, saying he would be treated greatly better by the military. Was unqualified to hear the case because he was of Mexican heritage. But to you, these are the signs of someone who values freedom above all else. Someone who wont let Americas enemies divide us over lines of race and gender. I know I speak for many when I say Im tired of politics as usual. And because you know me, you know that Im going to love that. Im going to love the fact that youve opened up your country to another great leader, someone who speaks his mind without fear, someone whos been fighting for womens rights for decades. You know, you should know by now that after the election, some of us really want to get out and live freely and just dont have the means to do so. I dont mean to imply that you cant live here either, but Im talking about those of us without the means. And while that may be a problem to some, Id argue its also a blessing. Youve found a new country with a new countryman. Im sure this will also be a place where you can live in relative comfort for many, many years to come, and even have children. Because lets be honest, the only reason why so many of us are fleeing is because of your so-called leader. What kind of leader creates a hostile climate towards women, a xenophobic climate towards immigrants, a climate that sees people of different races and creeds as merely means to an end. You call him a leader, but Im not sure if you know what that means. If you did, you would know that this is no different.

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what celebrities voted for donald trump