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You continue as normalFor Gods sake, you cant you hear it in the radio. You cant risk your livelihood, your career, or your friendships because some radio station is going to be the first to lose its mind over a Trump victory on Election Day. You try to keep calmAs you stand by your TV, you keep calm in the face of the looming possibility of a Clinton win. As you go to answer the door, the knock goes on. You go back into your living room to the TV and wait. On the screen is a photo of the man himself holding a piece of paper. S going on, but you hear a voice shouting and shouting. M here to congratulate you on your victory. The image goes black and white, but the screen still shows the real Trump, holding the trophy. Trump says, turning to you before continuing. D make a great president of the United States. S biggest media conspiracy to be so wrong before. For the first time in a lifetime, you no longer take anything the big media says at face value.

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what celebrities support trump