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Plus some other subjects you will like. Lizzos Life Cycle of Social Media and TweetingLizzo, whose birthday is September 16th, was in the middle of a busy month to get social. Heres a look at the different times she tweeted that month:The birthday of Lizzo from 814 to 823. Lizzoslifecycle share the same tweet:The tweet has been retweeted more than 5,500 times. She was also sharing tweets on Instagram by her other accounts. As you can see, she shared photos of herself and friends on Instagram, and shared several photos on her own account. And the three accounts are linked together on Instagram with the hashtag lizzosparkle:But thats just the beginning, as Lizzo then began to share about her other social media accounts as well. This tweet is from August 23rd, just after she celebrated her 30th birthday:Heres Lizzo sharing news about her relationship with her boyfriend, Aaron Brinkworth. And just a few days later, she celebrated her birthday by posting a photo of her and her puppy, Bella. And she celebrated by posting many more photos on her Instagram account, including photos of her dog Bella riding her bike:It wasnt all fun and games. From August 26th to September 2nd, Lizzo posted a couple of tweets that, as was the case with her birthday, were quite serious. She is celebrating three years of marriage, with her husband being her boyfriend, Aaron Brinkworth. And she is celebrating their special anniversary with a celebration at a restaurant that she and Aaron always frequent. Its interesting to note that on August 4th, Lizzo shared this tweet with Aaron that seemed to be a warning to his family:Today I.

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what celebrities share my birthday