What celebrities have died in 2017

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D they have to make you look like a whore. S nothing but a void in my life now. A few weeks ago, I found out my oldest sister died. M always with you, you were my one and only. M going to try to keep my feelings for you, as long as I can. T want me to leave since you know that I belong to you. T more understanding of your situation when you went to the emergency room. T do that, I told them I was in the hospital due to an accident. M going to be more understanding towards you now. S the best place you can tell your story. Sincerely,Your NameYou think about how to convey your feelings. You tell the story of how you met her, and how you were in the hospital as well, and how you finally reunited again when she was in need,You tell them of how she saved your life when you were in the woods one night. You then tell them about your relationship with her. You start to weep as you continue to tell the story. M proud to call you my sister.

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what celebrities have died in 2017