What celebrities eat in a day

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Elissa: Well, what does a celeb normally eat in a day. M telling you, if you want to maintain the health you have now you have to be eating more fresh, natural foods. You ask Elissa to teach you about the food groups. Vicki: I mean like I get taught in school. Elissa: You dont need to teach me. Look, I mean, I grew up in a family that ate mostly organic. Elissa:, Sigh, Sheesh, get the hell out of here, Vicki. Elissa: Well let me just get the rest of this shit from your place, see if I dont want to come over to get all this shit Im going to need, and then all I have to do is find you. A few days go by and you make arrangements to meet with Elissa, and so you meet her at the cafe where she lives. S like this awful pressure is building up.

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what celebrities eat in a day