What celebrities believe in scientology

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But if I had to choose, I would pick to support myself. S going to be sympathetic and be able to give you some advice to handle your situation, so you hang up. The next day you decide that you are not going to take the easy way out and go to the GZS offices to discuss the situation with an official about it. T a good idea to just talk to Campos and Campbell directly. You say after you and Campbell have had a short conversation. S father, and as a Scientologist of old I was a member of the church known as the Clearwater facility. S life and to be sure that all the funds were accounted for. T need a lot of financial assistance since he was only 22 when he died. So why did you start questioning things. My wife and I were pretty loyal to the church, especially after my sister died in one of the auditing sessions and she was brought back to life. But as time went on I started questioning things. I was very close to David and it seemed like he was trying to make contact with the spirits of my dead sisters.

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what celebrities believe in scientology