What celebrities are voting for hillary clinton

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I m very apprehensive that myself won a lot of celebrity voting game years ago. But theres one celebrity voting for me and I dont know who he is. The most popular option, or at least the option that comes up most often is:NANA, Not An Option, It seems to be somewhat a universal answer, though it isnt necessarily a terrible one. The only other option that comes up a lot is the one that you have absolutely no idea what the hell it means:Not VotingNAThere is a distinct chance that you could just be being a dick and not putting up with such rudeness. You cant even imagine what the other option might be. Youre not sure if the thought had even crossed your mind, let alone if you would even have considered it. So, after youve spent three hours trying to figure out what the hell this NA means, you finally give up. You cant make any sense of it, youve only gotten more confused and annoyed by the time youve got to this point. You start to wonder if you should have bothered to keep up with the news at all. You hadnt really paid attention to current events before, but there were a few things that you remember vaguely. One of the first things that you remember is the 2016 Presidential Election. You remember hearing a couple of things about it on the news that were somewhat concerning. First off, a lot of the public felt that Donald Trump might actually win. That was concerning enough that a lot of people started to get worried about the future of the country. That was a pretty big factor in fueling a lot of the excitement that you saw on social media about Hillary Clinton during this election cycle. Some of the people who didnt usually bother with political talk were actually talking about the actual issues. It was just so refreshing to see in this political climate. Then there was the third factor that started to concern a lot of people. They believed that a third candidate would actually be better than Trump or Clinton. They figured that Jill Stein would actually beat either one of them. If she got into the White House, things would be much better for everyone. You almost feel like your first presidential.

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what celebrities are voting for hillary clinton