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Dustin HoffmanIn the film Dead Poets Society Dustin Hoffman says:One of my great uncles was a fag. George TakeiIn an interview with Esquire magazine in 2001 George Takei stated that he was a homosexual. He has been fighting for equal rights for gay people worldwide. Mel GibsonMel Gibson has a gay lover called Oksana Grigorieva. He admitted to Oksana in the film Braveheart that he was gay when he was 16. Alan AldaAlan Alda was gay during his acting career. In the television program Hello Dolly, Alan Alda gave an interview to Dolly Wells where Alan Alda said, Im a gay man. Michael DouglasIn his Oscar acceptance speech in the film Apollo 13, actor Michael Douglas said that he was born with a silver foot in my mouth. Ricky MartinRicky Martin has been very open about his love for his boyfriend Jonathan. In his 1995 song Sexy, Ricky Martin sang the following lines:Ill kiss your ass, kiss your mom, kiss your dadI wanna lick your pussy, lick your asshole, lick your mouth. Steve MartinActor Steve Martin and his gay lover Peter McCallister have been together for some time now. During a live television broadcast one night in 1994, Steve Martin joked that he was a homo-macho and had a girlfriend called the love of my life who lived in the audience. In 2003 at a benefit show for the AIDS crisis, Steve Martin stated:Ive known for 15 years that Im a gay man. During an interview with CNNs Larry King in 2005, Steve Martin continued to speak out about his homosexuality saying:Its funny, when I was in junior high and high school, there was a lot of teasing about my homosexuality, and now its like everybodys in love with me again. Dustin HoffmanIn the film Death Of A President, Dustin Hoffmans character, Walter Bligh, says Im a fag. According to the films script, he wanted to be called The Fab.

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