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A few other people have come out and said they will. The rest of the day you get emails about various celebrities who have said theyre going to vote Leave:And there are others who seem to be aghast that the celebs have come out for leavers at all:But as youll also have celebrity followers who wont be voting, you now have an opportunity to persuade celebs. You decide that while you havent been personally doing so today, you can take the opportunity to talk to them about why they should definitely vote for you:Its a little tricky. You dont speak the same language that the stars do. You have to come up with a clever way of getting them to be in the next days newspaper so you can talk to them. As you do a bit of self-promotion you put on a bit of an act:In any case, your act is well received so you make a note of it:You then go back to the office and get the newspaper, youll be needing the paper later, when you need to convince the celebs to do something else, and then come down to the pub where you meet up with the remaining celebs while theyre all there. Theres not much reaction though; everyone has been thinking about the referendum, and apparently a big issue in that issue is whether leaving the EU is good or bad for the world. You explain your reasons for voting to keep the EU as a big deal for the world, including the fact that you believe the world could be in danger of global warming effects if we leave:However, you also address the issue of immigration from EU member states into your country, you dont mention that youre worried about the cost of the extra police and the fact that your economy is dependent on tourism, which is getting more expensive as the world warms up, :Despite the fact that you want to leave the EU, youre still keen to talk to some of the celebs who havent made a firm decision about how theyre going to vote. You start to ask them if theyll be voting what you think because you have a feeling that youll have a stronger presence among them if youre convincing them to a vote in your favour, but one of the stars interrupts your speech:Im just not going to be fooled like that.

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what are celebrities saying about the election