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You say No, not reallyIve heard of you before, but I think Ill pass on this one. Okay, maybe Im a little too new here. If you like I can let you know the address where you can stay in one of the more convenient areas of the city and you can get your bearings. I dont think this is a good idea, you say. Would you give me your number. I could call when I have some more people to invite. Well take a look around the other zones, she says. I suppose I can let you know that you cant stay here, you need to go to a designated hotel. Its better that you do, because this hotels going to be full and I really dont want you staying here. Id like you to meet my guests. The tour guide takes out her phone and begins to text on it, leaving you standing there. Hey, Im having the hotel call you and let you know how full it is. They have rooms available, but only from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Id suggest you get there before then. You know better than to argue, so you hand over your phone. The tour guide texts back:OK, got the rooms. The tour guide goes back to texting as you stand in silence looking at the hotel list. I have a friend who works there and she promised me theyd have rooms open to the public. Okay, well I guess I can do something for you, the tour guide says. Just come with me, she says, leading you out of the hotel and heading towards a nearby park. Ill call you when I have people to let you in. Thanks, you say, heading back towards the hotel. The hotel call later comes and youre let in. Its surprisingly empty, even for a Friday afternoon and the hotel has a surprisingly good selection of rooms.

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