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You have been a fan of the show MAD MEN for years, and you are so excited to see it in all its glory live. You have come a long way from watching that weird soap opera about hippies that you used to watch on the weekends as a child, Though that was a great show This is what you have been waiting for. You go to the venue to get yourself some alcohol. You are on your way when you hear that loud music. Then when you get in front of your cousins house, you see the sign for Mad Men. It starts out with some really cheesy music that will make you drunk as hell. The opening credits of the show is played which is all pretty standard for that type of show. After the credits, we see a montage of the entire show starting with the first episode with Don trying to sell some clothes. Then moving on to Peggy and some guy getting a tattoo in the shower room. The show goes on to show Don on the telephone with a client who wants to take over a department store, Don as the boss who refuses to let the client take over the store, and Don meeting the real Don at the bar and realizing that he has been living a lie his entire life. Now all you have to do is sit there and let the show take over your life. Your aunt, who probably wont even know what the hell you are talking about, will watch it with her and your uncle who is probably going to want you to do something with your hands. The show is rated TV-14 so you might want to sit on the side with the recliner, but just relax and dont do anything that would make yourself think that the show is too hard. In this episode you, once again, meet the love of your life and how you meet her will be one of the biggest things in your life. You go over things that happened to you in the past, what is going to happen in the future and what you have done so far to prepare for your future with this girl. You just need to go through how you normally think about the things in life and that will be plenty interesting. T worry about your back you are going to sit on the cushioned side so that you.

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celebrities that live in la