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You use your powers of disguiseYou decide to keep your true identity a secret by going to a bar called the Black Hog Tavern and telling them that you need help changing your hair. They think that it sounds crazy, which it probably will, but you can always play up the crazy part a little more. You also have to keep up something like a British accent on purpose, After explaining your situation in full detail, you give them your real name and their names. After getting a group of people together you head to the Black Hog Tavern. The next day you meet up with a group of friends again, but this time as you expect a group of straight-haired people will never know that you are hiding a female. As you prepare to leave, you feel a wave of tiredness hit you. You then realize that you have been working so hard lately and your hair has been long enough that it is starting to fall out. You decide that you really should get your hair cut and go back home to get it done. As you return to your house, you suddenly feel very tired. You immediately head to the bathroom and start rubbing your eyes. You wake up and realize that you have been dreaming of a male-female couple. You cant remember what gender they are though, It seems that you have been dreaming about this couple for a few days now. After rubbing your eyes, you realize that this isnt a dream, its real. This morning was also the day you went to the bar where you used to go to with your friend and talked to the bartender about your situation. So, you need to decide what to do about your situation right now. You head back to the Black Hog and ask for a haircutThe Black Hog is a bar, or more like a restaurant, so you head there as soon as your hair has grown long enough for them to cut it. You tell them that you need a haircut and that you really should go get a haircut. After getting a group of people together, you head to the Black Hog. You see a man behind the bar who doesnt look too pleased with the situation. You take the mans adviceYou take the mans advice and ask for the guys help. As you ask questions about your hair, his eyes start to bug out a bit. We both know that Im going to be cutting your head off within the month, so its good for the both of us. You agree to do whatever he says, as you know that.

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celebrities with straight hair