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So I wrote a letter to Reddit and asked what funny names they had for the popular-guys on the site. I got a lot of great answers, and Im going to try to choose one that I think fits. I was so tired last night; I actually fell asleep on the computer. Okay, I was actually writing a letter to my girlfriend, but Im not even looking forward to doing that right now. Im a very social person, and I think Im also very awkward. I guess thats why I started using the Internet as a way to compensate, because I could talk to people and I could also make up stories and pretend to be someone else. Ive been doing it for a few years, and Ive managed to successfully change peoples opinions about me. I dont just change opinions of myself; I change their opinions of my flaws, which is very appealing to me. I actually used it to keep from getting hurt by the things that people said to me, and thats why Im willing to go as far as I am to get back at them for things they said to me that I shouldnt have. In the Internet community, there are many Subreddits that are focused on a specific topic. One of my favorites is rvideos, which is focused on a bunch of popular YouTube videos. There are certain rules that each Subreddit follows. For example, rFitness has a rule that says Please dont post anything that isnt related to weight loss. That makes it a safe place for people who actually want to lose weight to get together, and it was the reason I found this Subreddit. But, Im not here to discuss my weight loss. The one thing Ill say is that when it comes to a place like rvideos, Im actually more interested in how people react to the videos. Thats why I want to post in the Reddit community that Im a fan of. Its a group of people that are randomly posting pictures of them doing a variety of good things. Its a good idea, because it reminds me of certain people that I like. I dont know if youd consider yourself as being a good person, but maybe you have the same mindset. It might be too much, and I dont even know you. Maybe thats why Im writing to you.

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