Were forever on the quest for the perfect foundation, and who better …

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We gave your help in search for the perfect foundation for your face; you will receive their. For years, all of us makeup freaks, have been searching for the perfect foundation. But, in the past, weve all been on an endless quest. While many of us dont have the luxury of choosing what foundation to buy, weve at least been able to find an option thats somewhat similar. Well now the day has finally come when the holy grail has been found. No longer will you have to search for something like what weve been searching for. No longer will you have to settle for the mediocre products, that just dont quite meet your exacting standards. With this in mind, Urban Decay has created a product that will help you reach the perfect balance between light coverage and the appearance of full coverage. For all you people who want to look like one of your favorite stars in some Hollywood movie, here it is. The Foundation is made up of five different powders: Bronze, Ivory, Charcoal, Sand and Vanilla. Each powder is hand blended in order to create an all over effect for all of your skin. Youll feel like youve walked into a Hollywood makeup artists studio. But thats really the least of your concerns right now. Lets talk about the rest of the product details:This is an all-in-one foundation that will accomplish a more natural look, while still being able to create a more even coverage. The powder blend will be applied with a concealer brush and allowed to dry first. The product then gets mixed with the other products, Foundation, Concealer, Corrector and Highlighter, to create a perfectly.

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what foundations do celebrities use