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Just look at the amount of people that wouldnt be able to see any advantage with what the heck he is. Theres practically no benefit in pretending that you havent been spying on us. Re the biggest guy here after all. M the most handsome person here after all. Re the most talented person here after all. Ve been spending more time taking advantage of the fact that WE ARE NOT HAVING FUN. Do you really believe that in order for a man to be considered talented he must spend a lifetime doing what theyre doing. And those of us who do have talent have been treating it like some sort of disease. Re just fucking the shit out of ourselves to fit a mold. A fucking stupid fucking mold that no one else in this fucking industry can even see the relevance to. Re going to just go out there and do what we do and do it better than anyone else. S going to leave us feeling jaded and dead. Randal looks at you a bit surprised by your answer, but still a bit satisfied. A few moments pass and Randal finally asks you a more direct question. Are you going to be going to Hollywood with the rest of the film industry types. Ll probably do that after I get back from Hollywood.

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