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And when they lose weight, theyre criticized and ridiculed. They even get harrassed and even the creepy strangers who follow them around. But celebrities who actually lose weight are praised. The fat acceptance movement loves to praise them. Youve noticed that most of the celebrities who have lost weight, and have since gained it back and gained some more, are women. As a dude, youre probably wondering why this is and how its possible for you to be more fit than these women. Its a good thing youre learning, because you definitely didnt want to be in this situation. You dont even want to know the answer. You just want to stay in your comfort zone and not have to think about what the hell youre going to do with your life right now. You decide to ask a random celebrity on social media about it. S got millions of followers and some of them seem like pretty nice people. You ask him to retweet you a picture of yourself. Of course, he doesnt actually have a lot of followers. You when you get over 100 retweets. Your trolling did not go over well. Re going to die a violent death just like my mom did to me. T have to live in the cold world anymore and die a virgin slut. Re going to die alone as you know it and never leave the basement ever.

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how do celebrities lose weight