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And many of the celebrities on this list are popular and have powerful entities. The fact is, depression cannot be diagnosed or treated and it is not talked about in schools. Well, I am going to talk about this depression because, while its not something you feel or see everyday like the sun will be up all a day, I do think it is something that needs to be more widely known about and talked about more and more. Now many people have this question:Why does this have to be so hard to deal with for many of us. We are supposed to be living in the future, not living in the past. Arent all these things we want and deserve. Wouldnt it be wonderful if we could just enjoy all of these things. You have a hard time being sad or even feeling down on your own or with other people. You may find yourself with depression or any other depressive feelings that you can be bothered feeling. That doesnt mean youre a bad person, it just means that youre human and like every other human, you have your own feelings. So you say that you have to deal with it and you have to be strong. Why are you going to have to be strong or youre going to be depressed all the time like they say. Well, I say that if your going to be depressed on purpose so that you can get over it and not have that awful, terrible, horrible depression thats causing you to think about suicide, then youre going to have a really hard time being strong. I am not saying to avoid all depressed feelings, but as a woman you may have to keep your emotions in check to not be able to deal with the pain of them. You see, you could have a hard time in dealing with the depression if you do things like:You say that the depression makes it so that you cant think about anything. You say that you have to keep yourself positive and happy. You say that the more you push yourself, the more you feel bad and the worse you feel. You say that your depression is not right. You say that you cant do anything about it. You say that your depression isnt real. You say that youre weak or that its just an excuse.

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