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He likes the state and it specially he likes the people of it. If I were the next president he said, I might. He also is very proud of his wife Patricia. He likes to talk about her when things are going well. He also mentions his son Connor and his daughter. Is a very big country and even its smaller towns have their very own celebrities. I found another post from the same poster about the celebrities who live in the towns around New Mexico. And there are a few, not all of them you might think, but hey who knows. Santa Fe, NMHollywood, NMLa Junta, NMAlamogordo, NMAlbuquerque, NMI think we just might have an answer now. The last two times you visited the site, you decided you should probably get rid of all the stuff you didnt need. You ended up cleaning stuff out in the garage, but you figured maybe you should clean out the rest of your house as well. Even your office was fairly well stored for a house. You had no idea you were living in such a storage unit. You didnt know what to do with all the stuff you had though. It was obvious you hadnt had enough sleep since you first got here, and it seemed like the house was on indefinite vacation. There was a lot of junk and old clothes strewn about the house. You remember once you were in the mall one day and you saw a television you had been saving for a while, but it wasnt even attached to the wall yet. You had just bought a brand new TV with all sorts of new features and features you hadnt even knew existed until that day, and now it seemed to be stuck in a giant storage unit. You had no idea where to start, but you had started a long time ago when you found the remote. You looked around the house a bit more, but realized that there was no point.

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celebrities that live in new mexico