We just cant do without turkey, folks…

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You shake hands and you shake hands with this woman who you have never seen before and while you are sure that you are a stranger to her, you are not sure if this is truly a woman or not and whether or not this is the one, true and good Queen of All Fungi, Princess Gertrude of the Fungi Kingdom, Queen of the Fungi Nation. You are unsure of your words: My Queen, I must admit I do not know what you are about to say, but perhaps I am an alien from another planet, and my name is John Smith. You are an alien from another planet, and your name is John Smith. Lucky you You grin at her and say, Yes, I am indeed an alien from another planet, and my name is John Smith. The woman says, Very good, I have had much trouble with my husband. I am not sure he thinks I am his wife, and he does not understand my efforts to change his mind. I hope it changes in time, for I am tired of trying to convince him about his bad eating habits. You smile and say, It is a shame, that he thinks we are just friend. I have to tell you, I have never eaten any flesh. You grin and say, If you ever need a meal, you can get it from me, but it will be on the condition that you do not call me by my last name. I am John Smith, and I have not eaten any flesh. You smile and say, I will give you money for the meat. I cannot afford to buy some human flesh. You smile and say, Why would you be. I will now go to the kitchen and get you a dinner. When you return to the dining area, you ask if anyone has eaten yet, and you see that everyone has. Some have had a snack of carrots, but most have eaten. You can easily tell, as everyone has eaten. You see that it is a small dinner, but someone has.

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