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This year, were going fully goth as fuck. What better way to show our undying allegiance to the Prince of Darkness than to turn up as the Goth-iest Bands in history. The ultimate goth site for all things goth including goth music, goth fashion and goth culture. Its About Time You Stopped Stealing Our Content Goth Nation. Com is Your Official Site For The Black Metal and Doom Scene. You dont need anyone elseThis isnt a goth party for goths. Its a goth party because you feel compelled to get dressed like an over the top goth to show your loyalty to the Dark Lord and also in the name of the children. A Brief History Of Black Metal Gothic Metal: The Final Front For The Invasion Of The Satanic Dark Elite The Art Of The Black Metal Album Cover: How To Make A Gory Headshot That Will Get You Considered For A BandAnd you cant wait to get started, the kids are going to love your black leather and skulls. You begin to look around for your friends. Yeah, well theyre not here, their friend replies. You wait a bit and see what theyll doYou decide its time for some self-actualization and you need to make your decision on your new lifestyle. Look weve been friends a long time, but I really cant join you and your friends if youre going to go out and dressed like that. Its a lot of work and I have responsibilities at workYou look back and try to avoid the other Goths stare, but you know that theyll be looking at you. They say in unisonI think youre a fraud. You should go back to playing video games. The other Goths scowl at you and walk away. They may be good at video games, but your choice of clothing will likely make you an instant outcast. You walk back home, and tell your parents about your new friends, but they dismiss your concerns. As you approach puberty, youve learned things about yourself that you never imagined: youre a terrible swimmer, you dont have any friends that are girls, and your life isnt going to be any easier with these Goths.

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celebrities to dress up as for halloween