We can all agree that the celebrities during the 1960s were …

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We can all agree that the celebrities during the 1960s were oh, so cool. From Paul McCartney in the recording studio to Marilyn Monroe.

Even Jimmy Cox got on the good side of hippies, singing about mellow girls in Mellow Yellow. There was no other word in the world for those years. There were some people of interest inon theout side. But we all know that the music of the 1960s was the rock-and-roll-music of the 1960s and of the 1960s and of the 1960s. We might not know about all of this; most people only knew about the 60s; and many people were not even alive when that time was. But, in order to really appreciate what happened on a much deeper level than what is available to most of us – to really comprehend where we are today as a culture – we must remember and remember well, the 1960s. If one takes the time and effort to go back, one will come away with a deeper appreciation for the 60s. And, this appreciation can be applied to all of us, not just those who were alive during this time; and, not just to those who are a part of this generation. As my grandparents and many other elders are saying to me about my generation, We are not trying to take away your youth. We are not trying to keep you from the pleasures of the world. We are just trying to help you recognize your true self. I have come to believe that if this generation remembers our true selves, we will be able to have a healthier, a truer, and more beautiful generation. We will be able to see the good in our world, the good in this place, the good in each other, and the good that we can all bring to our lives. To all of us: I will miss you as a friend, a coworker, and a neighbor; and I hope it is obvious, that I love you in your new form. I hope we can all be a part of one anothers lives, rather than be a part of a me generation; a too old generation.

I feel an awe when I look at the early images: and the music: the songs. Marilyn Monroe was like a graphic memory of, a time, that,is long-gone. Forgiveness, the last song released before it was deleted, is a song about the fact that you cant change the past.

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