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After some voting, here are the results:And here is the full list, with links to their Twitter accounts, if necessary. More from Business Insider:AboutWe cant make this film without you. We are committed to delivering another film festival classic to the UK over the next few years. The film has gone through a massive amount of testing and post-production as well as going through several international screenings. It was the first documentary with this level of special effects and we wanted everyone to understand that with a film like this, and with us being so dedicated to it, making it on a wide scale is almost a luxury. We need your help to be able to pay for further post-production, sound mixing, visual effects etc, and distribute the film globally. We have already shot the film in London, France, Poland, Mexico and Croatia and we have received good feedback from this first screening. We want to give you the opportunity to see the film in as many venues as possible and hopefully be able to generate a good amount of audience feedback on the way home. Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption New Yorkers dont like paying for their own drinks, but are happy to pay for othersIn cities where people pay for their own drinks, there are higher rates of domestic violence, a study from Cornell University has found. The study found that cities with more free-drink zones had higher rates of wife assault and abuse. In Chicago and New York, it said, more than half of all domestic violence cases were committed by someone who was paid. But it urged the US government to ban pay-per-view or alcohol sponsorships of entertainment venues. We know a lot about pay-per-view venues, and pay-per-view is the major event of the year, explained senior author Dr Jonathan G. We knew that pay-per-view was where the violence was occurring, and we know that the places that have pay-per-view happen to have the highest rate of domestic violence. More drinks on the tableDr Katz, a behavioural economist, told the BBC that pay-per-view tended to attract more alcohol-dependent men who were more likely to drink heavily and have a history of domestic violence or abuse. The study examined domestic violence and the city in which it was occurring. It found that in cities where people could drink freely without paying, the rates of.

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