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Re not going to go into it right now, go watch the video instead. You leave the trailer and enter the rest of the trailer park. You pass several trailers and realize you can smell the aroma of food cooking in a large kitchen just down the hall. You also note several of the trailers even have televisions showing the news. You are hungry, so you head down the hall to the kitchen. S the same smell as Tommy and Ramon cooked their food in the trailers they both lived in. Several people are making a lot of noise in the kitchen. S outfit standing by a large gas stove and preparing various large hunks of meat on a large spit while several men and other mennees, mostly muscular ones with meat on their bones, work to carve and grill various large pieces of chicken for later. You also see a massive pile of charcoal and several large metal pots on top of it. S outfit, cooking a giant pile of food on a large, steamy stove in a back corner of the room. Oh, is that one of those trailers up ahead. You answer in an indecipherable mix of English and incomprehensible gibberish. S outfit carrying a large spatula and pouring hot liquids onto a large metal pan. Where do those two people from before live. Hmmm, well you could stand to wash up a bit. At that moment, you realize you have a lot of cleaning to do. You run out of the kitchen and hide in a trailer.

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celebrities eating hot wings