Walter Bernstein, 1919-, 100, American screenwriter and film producer…

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The entertainment industry is booming and its largely because of people like you. You know this because the people youre working for want to keep their jobs. Most of these people are barely paying you to work for them, but they cant just fire you, so youre here anyway, just hoping you dont get fired or suffer some sort of major setback in your job. Youre here in the entertainment office, located right down the hall from the studio where all the movies are made. This place is where the movie moguls of this era sit around and make their decisions. Youre here because youre working for a very important person, and you know a man of influence like that would want to keep a close eye on everyone. You suppose youd be more useful in another position, but given the choice, youd rather sit around and be treated like a servant, rather than a slave. You look up as you hear the sound of a door opening, and you immediately walk over to the door. You enter the office just as the woman in a business suit walks in. S beautiful, but not in the usual way. She has a firm firm body with defined muscles, and a firm firm ass. She wears a long flowing dress that leaves her midriff exposed. She stands in the doorway for a moment, and then turns her attention to you. Ve probably heard, the studio has had a budget surplus, so our director is free to spend his hard earned income on whatever he may wish. S assistant general manager, and I need you to oversee a new position to be filled by a talented young woman. In the meantime, though we really need you here to help with this part, get a drink of water and sit down. You have a room that you can decorate to your liking to fit your tastes. I will keep this room clean, and have it kept up for you. Ll do my best to give them you.

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