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You the ListThe list is pretty impressive, but it is missing a lot of people who are famous from other places. There are hundreds of people and movies named Walt that do a lot more than just star in a bunch of Hollywood movies or act in a bunch of stage musicals. You are not sure if you want to leave the list of people who are famous from other places in the list and then you go to see who the other famous people are first. There are no names you recognize on there. You go to the next entry on the list and see a woman who has the last name of Johnson, she must be an actress. You are not sure what to do next and you have to stop and think about what to do. The list would be incomplete without at least one more name you recognize. You continue to think about the list a little longer until you are completely lost in thought and you feel the hairs on the back of your neck rising. You are not quite sure what you should decide. T even know what to make of that little voice that is telling you there is no choice other than the list to go with. Re having some trouble focusing on the game so you are forced to deal with the rest of your issues. You deal with your problems, this will become apparent when you actually have to make a choiceYou are definitely not in the mood to deal with this right now. You do feel like you should at least do a little more research before making a decision. Re going to start with the one name that is at the very top of the list, Walt Disney. The man is famous in your town and it gives you no trouble at all to pronounce his name. You are pretty sure he is at the top of the list of people who are famous from your town, if not the whole of the United States.

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