Wallace Shawn Denies Making Nasty Pass at ‘The Nanny’ Co-star Lauren Lane

The 77-year-old actor insists he never made any unwanted ‘sexual advance’ at his former co-star after the actress accused him of slipping his tongue in her ear.

AceShowbiz -Veteran actor Wallace Shawn is disputing allegations of making an unwanted “sexual advance” from former “The Nanny” co-star Lauren Lane.

Lane, who portrayed C.C. Babcock on the hit 1990s series, claims she built up a rapport with Shawn when he appeared as a guest star during the sitcom’s second season in 1994, and spent a week discussing “literature and writing and what it’s like to be a playwright.”

However, upon the conclusion of his time on set, Shawn reportedly made a nasty pass at the actress, who is 16 years his junior, causing her to recoil in horror.

“I’m going to be f**king honest. I’m walking up to my dressing room and he’s going back to New York, so we hug goodbye, and he put his f**king tongue in my ear,” she told Vice.

“I remember pulling away and inside it was like a little death because it felt like, ‘Is this all it was all week? Like, you didn’t really enjoy talking to me?’ It was horrible.”

Lane, now 60, is convinced the tongue slip was no accident, and was instead an unsolicited “sexual advance.”

“I did not expect it either because nothing we had done or spoken about had any feeling of like – I mean, why would someone put their tongue in your ear?” she queried. “That was really heartbreaking to me.”

However, Shawn has fired back at Lane’s memory of the incident, insisting there was no such wrongdoing.

In an emailed statement to Vice, he wrote, “In all my 77 years I’ve never put my tongue in anyone’s ear. Not that I condemn those who do, if there are any.”

He then suggested, “If we were hugging goodbye, I might have kissed her on the cheek?”

Lane has yet to respond to his denial.

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