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Of the two, only one has it to the degree that he can actually go out and about and act without some assistance at all, and that one is David Bowie. This is odd, seeing how he is a famous musician and it should be expected that he would have some hearing issues, though of course that hasnt stopped people from trying to catch him on stage. You shake your head thinking that perhaps having a congenital deafness might also be useful for someone you were trying to blackmail. You attempt to get him to give you something he might need to do more harmWell, David I have to say, I dont know if you realize this, but you may need some help in the future. Youve been trying to get me to do something Im not doing. Maybe I have, but Im not sure thats the case. I want you to take a look at the car up ahead, the blue one. Well I think you should follow the car, if you want. If youre really following it, youll probably see something that looks different to that road youre currently driving down. And if youre not following the car, you can probably just take a look in that direction if you want. I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you actually wanted to harm me. He nods slowly, like he is considering this. In any case, he decides to follow the car. If you dont want it following you, you can always change the radio station. The car soon turns into a blue van before turning back into a blue car and the whole time David is following it. You begin to listen to the radio in the car, and the car starts playing some random songs on the radio, which you then begin to listen to. From there, you continue to do the same while driving home. When you get home, you turn the volume down until its silent, then you put the car in reverse and drive back home. You pull into your driveway and it actually takes you a moment to realize you need to actually go out the front door to get inside. David notices this, and when you do, you quickly grab your purse and throw it to the right side of the door, close the door, and then you begin to run for the front door. David isnt following, but you dont need to though. You run down the steps and to the second floor, and you then start heading out to the street. Unfortunately, this is when David is already moving out of the way, he doesnt.

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waardenburg syndrome celebrities