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There are so many productions that, you will, get. Voting starts to increase quickly as more and more celebrities appear before you. I just felt bad that you had to be so nice to me. I guess youre just too nice to be any kind of movie star, then. I mean, they need someone like me around, so if I help out as much as I can, maybe thats something good for me to do. You dont really have any power to do anything about it, but you could help me with a good deed. So you can vote for me or you can not vote for any of us. I will feel horrible if you dont vote for me, so that would be the best choice. You continue trying to convince the celebrities, but nobody is budging. You have to make a choice quickly, as the celebrities are all looking a bit antsy. You vote with them; you cant have a celebrity you dont likeYou vote with them to make the celebrities happy. Theyll appreciate it, theyll appreciate the help they need. You vote for the celebrities and vote for the person who seemed like the nicest to you, which comes out to be Lena Dunham. Alright, I think we have enough celebrities for tonights night. I need you to get everybody ready for the show. Im not going to be too strict about this rules thing, just keep making eye contact with everybody and everything and dont argue. If anyones not feeling well, let me know and well go ahead and postpone the show for them. I dont want to do anything that is obviously going to be bad for anyone. As they begin to file off, you quickly walk over to the large, empty bar and order one. As you finish up, you see the movie projector.

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