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As for the second method, a number of celebrity websites, including Twitter, have celebrity news, interviews, and opinions. This works even better if you can find the celebritys official Twitter or Facebook accounts, rather than those of their managers or PR representatives. You might also try other celebrity-related websites like the ones listed in the second column of the table. Just like above, your main goal here is to get the celebritys attention and get them to tweet or Facebook about the matter, rather than to persuade them directly. They probably dont want their public relations, PR, department to be swamped with emails. So you should probably send an email to all of the people listed in their columns in the table, rather than just the ones in the column for the celebs that you feel will be most responsive to your message. If you really want to reach them, send a message to each one individually and politely ask for donations. Asking for small donations of any amount is probably the most effective way of getting a celebritys attention. For more information on this, check outYour goal here is to generate enough attention among the celebrities or their agents that theyll either decide to take action, post about the matter on their site, or both. Finally, a good way to reach out to celebrities is through other media like radio or television. If not, well, you might try the old fashioned way and send an email, but remember that this is a time-consuming process, so if you have time to spare, you might as well donate to the cause. Donate to: Or You can also try contacting the celebrities directly yourself. Dont forget that the Internet still has many people in it, including non-celebrities, so its certainly possible for a celebrity to get that email, or even worse, a link to a URL with the celebritys info. Fortunately, theres a way to protect yourself quite a bit:If youre really worried about getting blocked, it probably isnt worth your time to go out of your way to contact celebrities. You can always just use a proxy server, or at least use Tor. That way, your connection and the celebritys connection will be hidden from both. Its definitely more work to set up a proxy server, but you can certainly do it if you feel your privacy will be compromised even temporarily. Just remember that there is going to be a cost to using Tor, and youll probably want to buy a good VPN if you dont already have one, which can cost quite a bit. What about if the celebrities or your organization is actually serious about taking action. If you really want to make an impact on the issue, its probably best if you.

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how to contact celebrities for donations