Vivica A. Fox Breaks Into Tears While Saying She Hasnt Met Her Godson in 2 Years

In a new episode of ‘Cocktails With Queens’ podcast, the ‘Independence Day’ actress cannot help but break into tears while talking about gaslighting and her relationship with her godson.

AceShowbizVivica A. Fox got really emotional in the latest episode of “Cocktails With Queens” podcast. In the Monday, October 10 episode, the actress could not help but break into tears while talking about gaslighting and her relationship with her godson.

“I haven’t seen my godson for 2 years. I miss him so much,” Vivica said after she tried to regain her composure. “It was the one way to hurt me,” the “Independence Day” star added.

She went on detailing while crying, “I am a very strong person and I give a lot. People have to understand when you gaslight and you do it to manipulate and even involves children, how unfair it is.” Vivica didn’t think she could go on, so she concluded, “That’s all what I can say.”

Fans, meanwhile, were divided in response to Vivica’s revelation. Some fans showed sympathy with one writing in an Instagram comment, “That’s the hardest thing when you fall out with friends, often times you lose their kids too & that hurts a lot especially if you were really close!”

“You don’t understand people who don’t have children of their own, take that job title very personally‚Ķ. I’m sure she loved on her godson, just like he was her very own. Why do people have to involve children in their own drama? It suck’s when one parent has all the control, I pray for her healing,” another fan opined.

Some others shared that they could relate to Vivica with one writing, “I have a godson that I have not seen in years because his trifling mama owes me $$$ and she ghosted me after.” Another user added, “I’ve been through this. U don’t do what they want, u get tired of the manipulation, then they don’t let u see the kids. Now my own kin are grown & don’t even know me. I completely understand those tears.”

However, there were also people who trolled Vivica instead. “She need to have her own children,,; the parent of that child knew what was best to protect her son from Vivica!” one person said. Another user, meanwhile, accused Vivica of faking the tears while commenting, “Boi you know she’s an actress. Cut! Gottdam. I swear my mother in law be doing this fake as cry at any moment. Like bih we was just laughing.”

Vivica, who doesn’t reveal the identity of her godson, has yet to further address the issue.

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