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It is Henceforth I will share my favourites, they are my favourite. Racism is defined as the perception that a person or group of persons is inferior to another because of their skin color, race, ethnic origin or national origin. This definition is usually applied to people of African descent, and it has nothing to do with ones religious beliefs. Some consider it a religious issue, and they are not racists. Racism is often viewed as one of the major causes and causes for societal problems such as the Vietnam war, racism in the school system, and even white flight from cities. It causes men and women to get into fistfights for sport without necessarily understanding the other persons beliefs. However, it is said that the reason for Jesus birth was that God was mad at his disciples for killing a man who had insulted the Lord, Matthew 2:1 – 2 The story is supposed to be a metaphor for the disciples hatred of Jews and Jesus hatred of sin. It is believed that they took Jesus into a forest and crucified him, Matthew 27:1 – 7, to placate God. Muslims believe that all people are created in Gods image and are therefore equal. Muslims pray to God to wipe out racism and racism in all forms. Muslims are supposed teach their children that they are all equal and must love and respect each other equally. BuddhismBuddhist scriptures condemn all forms of racism and violence, including physical and emotional abuse. However, in some countries in Asia, a few Buddhist sects still carry out rituals that are regarded as racist or discriminatory. These acts may be considered punishments for transgressions, such as not praying, or wearing shoes, or failing to wash your faceShintoShinto is a mystical religion which originated in Japan. It is often regarded as a pacifist religion, though adherents may believe in war and other violent acts as part of attaining divinity.

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