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This story is a great example for a lot of things, including how easy it is to be part of a cult, and how easy it is to be part of a cult leader. They are your leaders and you are the soul inside of them. Your parents and siblings are indoctrinating you with a bunch of nonsense that youll never be able to understand, only repeat back to you. They are basically conditioning you to be like them. They have decided that you will go about your life believing that they are the main characters in your life, and to think of them as Gods who have given you everything that youve ever wanted in your life. Ill never forget the first time I remember them. I was just two years old, and I had just been adopted. I was being put down by the people who had adopted me. They had not only put down my birth parents, but they had also put down the entire family of my biological parents as well. They said that they didnt think they could care for me, that they felt like I was a burden on their lives. I was only two years old, and I already knew that the world wasnt my birth parents fault. There was no reason why I would need to feel guilty about it. I was an innocent creature that couldnt have known what it was like to have lost most of my family. I didnt need to know the pain of having had to have your child taken away from you. I was never even close to my biological parents. They had died in a horrific car accident when I was only nine years old. I still didnt know why they had to have me. They never told me, it just all happened so quick. I couldnt imagine that my biological parents would ever want to get back together. They had also told me that my adoptive parents had given them all up to save all of us from nuclear devastation and to fight the Alien Invaders of Mars. My adopted parents never gave up their lives to fight the aliens and I never met a single man or woman that was part of their lives just to save us all. The things I was told to do were never going to make me happy. Not even being in love was going to make me happy. I had been born, for a very good reason. I wasnt trying to go against the natural order of things. I was just being taught things that I had no idea were true.

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