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You vote LiberalThats a hell of a lot of parties, you say. Good, because now we can vote for whomever we want, said the voice. You dont know why, but you think that this might be the first time someone has actually called your vote into question. Yes, to try to bring order to the land while the Tories remain in power here. Im sure that we could find something to do. Theyre all like some big fat hairy ape that only likes their bananas and not having to move, can you believe that. Youre silent, not sure whether to say no, yes or yes. You say noI vote Conservative for the sake of sanity. The voice seems to be disappointed, but then goes back to its normal voice. I guess youre going to vote Conservative next time. No, Im not going to vote for them again. You say yesIm going to vote Labour. Im really not sure what good it is though, I mean we won and we didnt actually do anything. Its a decision that Im confident youll come to one way or the other the voice said. You better be ready to vote Liberal, you know you want to. You remember when you were little, you would stand in the window seat of your familys car and listen to the radio, to entertain yourself with the music that was playing. Sometimes you would even go outside, but only for short periods of time, and you never left your room. The only radio station that youd ever really liked was the rock station, specifically a rock station with a heavy metal rock theme, the type of station that made you want to go out and shoot someone with your rifle, because then youd turn that music up. Youd go out and shoot, and then youd go back to listening. But here you are, driving around town in a car with the radio turned off, and you still feel like youre listening to music that makes you want to go out and shoot someone with your rifle. You are in no mood to listen to any more music like that. You turn the radio knob to the left and then the right, but you dont catch anything that appeals to you at all. You turn the radio knob back to the left and then the right.

Article about Celebrities on election

celebrities on election