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You are now a personYou stand, moving along towards the entrance. The light is strong and bright; you can see all the people that have gathered here. The whole city is there: the lights are brighter than the stars at night, their rays cutting across the sky. The light of the candles burn in the air, along with the fireflies. The smoke from the fireflies has floated on the air, and now it is gone, leaving only a faint pink glow. You are alone here in a strange city, and you are wondering what will happen when you return to the real world. It is a long, dark, winding stairway; there is no light now, and you are in no mood to wait for the light. There is a short, dirty wooden ladder, a ladder that sits on the ground, and you pull up as far as you can, into the street. You feel the cold air blowing against you, and the smell of the smoke from the fireflies. You pull yourself up, up, up. The ladder doesnt go all the way up, as you can tell by the creak of the ladder. You dont know why you bother waiting when there is no way of knowing what is coming. You can see nothing else on the street, but darkness. You are not going to wait for someone; this is your life right now. As you are nearing the wall, you see something glimmer there. A little girls face is wrapped in a black scarf of some sort, with a bright, wild look in her eyes. She is playing with a strange red and blue plastic ball, trying to make it bounce. You are about to turn around and try to catch the ball, when you bump into a young man, a man.

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