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So you take a look and see that there is a category called Celebrities Millionaires. You open the first article and see that this is the second one. 2 The List Of The Richest Millionaires In The World CelebrityYou close the second article and re-open the first one. 1 The List Of The Richest Millionaires In The World You are not quite sure why you are being given this information, but you follow the instructions given to you. You look at the categories again: Celebrities, Millionaires, Richest, Richest Celebrity. You just press the Done button without actually saving the document. You go back to the list and notice that the list of Celebrities Millionaires has changed again, but this time the top category has changed: Richest – Celebrity. You look at the list of Richest Millionaires and see that you have made no progress in a long time. T even care which category you chose and you just want to be rid of it. Re not happy with any of them, so you continue deleting categories, until there are nothing left for you to delete, when you decide to do it all over again. S just going to be gone, then what the hell am I even doing with this list anyway. Perhaps you should just take this list apart, look at that part where you see the lists of celebrities and millions, and see how difficult it would be to save that.

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