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Jimmy Kimmel Live With all this nastiness in Washington. We thought it might be nice to switch gears and focus on some nastiness. 3:07 UploadedJimmy Kimmel has become famous for his politically-charged sketches, including a political monologue that has recently made the rounds on the Internet. The comedian recently shared an image of President Donald Trump in a Tweet, with the following caption:If I could wave a magic wand, Id change all the mean things people say about me to mean things about YOU. Trump himself has occasionally been involved in the joke. MaketheMute posted a series of Tweets about Trump, including the now-infamous image of Trump eating a donut. MaketheMute told Breitbart News, Donald Trump has done nothing but help my self-esteem. He made me feel like Im not alone. It doesnt matter if I have an opinion, or no opinion, or disagree with another person, he helped me realize that Im not alone in my thoughts and opinions. MaketheMute shared a video of Trump and his son Barron walking along a beach, a scene that was shared by one of the presidents supporters online. The video, watch above, has already racked up almost 11 million views. Many of the memes posted online by fans of Trump have been mocking the presidents own use of social media by tweeting. For instance, Trump tweeted an image on Sunday of the Super Bowl field from his golf resort in Bedminster, N. Similar to the ones that regularly show other politicians and celebrities. Another popular meme features several celebrities all laughing, with one of them saying, We have to get rid of this guy. BigLebowski, FebruSome of the memes about Trump have been showing him eating certain items.

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celebrities read mean tweets