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You look somewhere elseHow much further do you have to go.

You dont watch any of the latest Meant TweetsYou dont have time for that. In fact you wont watch anything on the Internet either, youre going to stay on the road. You get a phone call on your way home from work, and answer it with some reluctance. You dont want to talk on the phone for awhile, but if you want to, you need to talk to someone. You give the phone to your cousinYeah, you dont want to talk for awhile either, you just want a cab to come take you home. I didnt realize it was so late, but I guess it is now. Well, dont say I didnt warn you, Im pretty tired too. I cant sleep though, Ive been up for about twelve hours now. Okay, just go down Main Street and let me wait for a cab. You take the busYou take the Long Island Railroad to home. You get on the first train you can find and enjoy the ride. After ten minutes to an hour you arrive at your stop. You got here in about eight minutes now. Have you gotten all your shit done. Yeah, Ive got all the food I need for awhile now and the television too. We could listen to some of that shitty television show I found on Netflix. I think its pretty boring, but I can tell theres some comedy in it somewhere. You continue to travel in this manner, which is pretty enjoyable. Your bus journey is pretty much uneventful. Your legs start to feel really heavy though, you should sit down to catch your breath. Your cousin says, noticing your fatigue. Your cousin sighs and looks over at his phone. You know, you could always watch that new show Ive downloaded. Before he can even reply youre already snuggled up to your laptop on the seat, your legs wrapped around it and closing your eyes.

This post about Celebrities read mean tweets

celebrities read mean tweets