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The list was not in the form of an alphabetical list, but only in terms of the name and a short biography of the person. There were no numbers or other identifiers, but these were in the future when the information had been collected. The list had been organized into categories; and the categories had been labelled into groups. The groups had been labelled into smaller groups of three and into further groups of three. However, the categorisation did not have a single logical root, instead, the categorisation had many roots. It was like a tree with many different types of branches with many different characteristics and many different branches each with different roots, each with their own characteristics. This is why so much of the list was not intelligible for most people. Please allow me to introduce myself first; this is the first time that I meet my fellow citizens. I am called Hanuman and this is my wife Sheth. My name has been in the news, but you probably know my surname and my family name. My wifes name is Soti, and we are both from the Province of Kampot. Hanuman paused to indicate the group to each say their name then Hanuman continued. This is my two friends from the province where we both grew up. They are both my friend because they are good people. Tiamak is also my best friend from our province because he is a very talented musician and a very good friend of my wife Sheth. He is the next of the Panhs, and he is also good in many ways. So are my wife Sheth and my son Thika. This is my two children who are my other children. They are also good people; they are my eldest daughter and eldest son. This is also my eldest brother; he lived a long time ago. This is my younger brother; he died long ago. I married her because we are good friends. Cambodia was like many other countries, there were many families. However, there were many more of those that made a living through agriculture. They were responsible for growing, harvesting, bringing it to market and selling it back to the citizens who wanted to purchase the food that they grew themselves. Hanuman had no children, but if there were any children around, the father would take care of them.

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