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Theellenshow, on at 5:20pm PDTThe Ellen Show also has her own Halloween costume, which you can check out by watching her video below. Photo via YouTubeThe Ellen ShowYouTubeHave a tip we should know. ComIf youre a fan of the TV show Breaking Bad, youre probably also a big cheese. Thanks to the shows huge cult following, artisan cheese is selling out at the grocery store shelves. This is very exciting indeed because if Walter White hadnt used up all the white stuff on crystal meth back in the 90s, this show would have never caught on. The reason for this is simple, everyone wants some white stuff. This cheese is also known as American-style mild, or as the folks on the internet prefer to call it, White Cheddar. There are three varieties of this stuff: the stuff used on Breaking Bad, a cheddar with an extra sharp edge the regular cheddar, the kind you usually find in a carton, and the extra sharp cheddar, the cheese used on TVThe only reason why you dont see this cheese in the grocery store is because its just not made commercially in the U. However, if you know where to look and have the right equipment, you can pick up a big container of this stuff. The right equipmentLets start with which kind of cheese you want. This is important because unlike a lot of cooking shows, Breaking Bad does not give you a recipe. If you want to make the same kind of cheese that Walter makes, youd better have a good idea of which cheddar to buy, because youre not going to find it on the shelf. The first thing you need to know is whether you want cheddar, Gouda, Colby, Blue or Havarti. CheddarCheddar is the easiest of all the cheeses to make and the easiest to find in cans. Its a dark, rich and delicious cheese that can be found in a can in the dark green or brown variety. The block type is the kind that you may have seen around the market on the shelves, the size of a small brick and usually found in a can with the word CUND on the front.

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