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T do a thing about your ugly face. Diana Rigg and Stephen Fry, two of the countrys most celebrated writers, have a new book out on the same subject. Its called The Trouble With Tribulation and is a detailed catalogue of all the ways in which the Bible seems to be right about one thing and wrong about another. The trouble with tribulation, as you probably now know, is that it is a catchall for anything bad that happens, anywhere in the Bible, anywhere on the face of the earth. It includes floods, plagues, earthquakes, famines, earthquakes, plagues, plagues and the death of many people. If God is in any way all-powerful and all-loving, then why the hell are there problems everywhere. The answer is that while God may be all knowing, He may not always be all loving. He has his own short-comings, some of them quite remarkable, and as a human being hes going to make mistakes. This is a book, after all, and that is how God speaks in the Bible, as a book. Its not going to be so much of a book as a series of sayings or stories, the most outrageous of which are going to be included. Some people may find them funny and some may find them offensive, but you really dont have to take my word for it. What might appear to be a problem to one person, may not appear to be a problem to somebody else. For instance, the Bible doesnt say you have to marry young, but it says you have to go through an ordeal that is going to render you barren. But lets talk about marriage and this book says that it should really be for a man and woman. Well Ive got news for you, if a man and a woman are going to get married, theyre going to have to do it inside a big tent or something. Theyre not going to be able to do it outside on the lawn. I mean this book is filled with things like that, things that seem to be the opposite of what God is saying in the Bible. For example, God gives a few instructions for how to cook meat and they involve a lot of fat thats going to be put in it and they might even be dripping down your arms. God doesnt say any such thing. He says dont put fat on any part of your body and if you need to get it on your body, then you should put it on your head. Thats all he says, and thats all he gives.

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