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M going to give you an unfair advantage. D take a photo of you with my phone. M not going to be reasonable and take you up on your offer. B:, Sigh, Alright, alright, you got me. M going to take all of these photos at the same time. You agree to take dozens of selfies at the same time. You enter the tent where you see the people who were in the first photo in the group. You smile and try to look as cool as you can. You look in through one of the doors and see everyone looking in at you. One of the people says something to you and you look around and find that all of them are telling you the same thing, which means that they want to talk to you about something. You look around for someone to talk to, and quickly decide on someone who is really quiet. That there is a group that is really cool and wants to talk to you. A: Can I have some personal time with you before I leave.

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