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The last time I went on a date with the person I thought I looked like, I was on a date with a girl with a very similar appearance to a certain celebrity I looked like. I think I was having a seizure at the time, but I remember it all. I think I went on a date with her because I saw her as a role model. It wasnt that she was hot for me personally, I just wanted someone to look up to. Her mom was also very pretty and so I guess when I looked at her, it was like looking at a celebrity. You take a look at yourself and see that you look just like your celebrity look-alike. You also realize that you actually dont really resemble any celebrity at all. You have to look at yourself at least once in case you accidentally come across as a celebrity. It took months, but you finally reached your goal. After having your picture taken with everyone, you were finally ready to discover yourself as a celebrity. There were a lot of people on this date though, and after taking a lot of selfies, you finally realized that despite looking just like yourself, you werent quite like the person in the photos. Thank you for giving me a chance to get to know myself. No problem, but would you like to do more of them. I just got the idea for another one right now. She continues to get a bit closer, so you decide to move it a little closer to her. You take a few more pictures while she looks at you carefully. Then, you walk around to her side and sit beside her. Then you ask her out on a date. But Ill go easy on you since youre so nice. You finally ask her out on a date. After a lot of preparation, you go to her parents house, and you take her inside their home. However, as youre walking through the house, youre suddenly stopped by.

Post about Celebrities that look like me

celebrities that look like me