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D1 Its going to be a warm one, but you are going to put on a comfortable outfit that will go with the warm weather. For now, you are going to put on a long-sleeved white button up shirt with a hoodie underneath, a pair of jeans and black loafers; you need to look nice and dapper. You can do without the fur trim, but then thats only one of the many decisions youll have to make on what to wear. You also need to think of something to wear for the Deep Autumn Festival at the park. Youve heard about it, and you know its going to be a beautiful event, but what does it all mean. Youve also thought of the Deep Winter Festival at the park, but since it doesnt start until next year, youre not sure if youll feel like wearing something thats going to be all wet and cold by the time its over. You go with the warmer colors for the warm weather and the deep winter festivalsYou are going to make sure to wear things like bright reds and orange for the warm weather. For the festival at the park, youre not sure if youre going to want to wear something bright like those colors for the festival or if youre not feeling that warm at all. Youre going to go with things that will at least look good and you dont want to look like a slob. You put on a pair of socks and make yourself a couple of coats so that youll be warm enough to go through the Deep Autumn Festival without a coat. You go into the basement and then you pull out the dress and head to the dress code officer. Excuse me, but I need to know what the dress code is for the Deep Autumn Festival, and what kind of clothing is allowed. The dress code for any event is basically the color, the fabric, the style, or some combination of those things. T even sure what the dress code is for this event, if its even a festival. You ask a couple of different people about dress code. T have some sort of dress code like some weird winter festival that only has a couple of days of time to put on something in the summer or something.

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