Until so many people requested that Erik bring him forward …

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Jerry isnt going to be any help to the Channeling Eriks. A few days after getting back from my trip to France in February 2016 I posted a photo from the trip, which now looks like this:I had a few friends over for a few days and I was trying to convince them to come with me on a trip through the countryside, so I posted this. Unfortunately, the post only got upvoted to about 2, which was a bit disappointing, but I guess someone noticed a few days later:The photo now looks like this:I dont think that this is too bad of an outcome, but I didnt expect it to get upvoted to 1 or even make it to 2. Im not sure if I had an overly positive or overly negative reaction to the post, but that is how it happened. My initial instinct was to not look at the post again, but I was curious to see if the first picture that was upvoted, and therefore made the front page, was still an almost exact copy of the photo from the previous post in the thread. To my surprise, the second and third pictures were virtually identical, as closely as I could tell from the second photos description. The second photo was an album from the previous trip to France. The third photo was from that same trip 2 months later. The third photo was on my profile and it looks like this and so was the first post made after I got back from my trip. So I started to look at the comments and the discussion, and I found the other person who got the 1 post downvoted to the 2 spot. RevengeOfEternalVoid 2 points 7 days agoIt looks like you were looking at a French album on Google Image Search. The second photo posted yesterday looks almost identical to the first photo. I can only assume that you got the first post upvoted to the front page because it was on your Instagram, probably because you are my same account So the first one gets the front page and the second one, which was on PinterestGoogle Image Search, gets the back page. That would be a pretty dumb way of ranking images. The first post got to the front page on the basis of the fact that the second post looked similar enough that it was probably going to be upvoted to the front page, not that it was a perfect copy of the first. EternalVoid 1 point 7 days agoSo you are claiming that the first photo on each post is a copy of the other one based on looking at.

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