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You can only look, You let him goIt was only natural to wonder what all of these people had in common, so you decided to meet Jerry. The guy seemed like a nice enough guy. At least not one you wanted to meet. You called Jerry up and told him to meet you at his home. Well, I dont much care for celebrity interviews but I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. The Channeling Technique and his Channeling Experiences were his specialties. His body of work is extremely important to the Channeling Process as it contains the keys to unlocking the powers of his Soul. Jerry goes on for a bit about what was really going on with Jerry and he explains how the spiritual energy had to transfer from Jerry into you to give him the power of speech and all of that. You arent really interested in all that, but you are interested in the Channeling Technique which is something that needs to be explained to you. Now, Jerry continues, that doesnt explain the Channeling Technique, exactly, but it does explain a lot of things about Jerry that you may not realize. You are trying to learn about Jerrys life, but there is also the fact that you had a dream the night before that you were Jerry. Now, let me tell you all about my life, my story. I was born in Colorado, raised in Florida and then moved to Kansas. I was a very independent child and by the time I was 16, I was selling stuff for a living. The night before I first encountered something called Channeling, I had been out getting a job selling stuff for a very successful, but older, man. He lived in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and had a nice car. I thought he was going to stay in Kansas forever, but he wasnt like that at all. I was out for five minutes eating lunch with my father and then he called me back into his house. I went in and there I saw him putting on the clothes Id seen him wearing in pictures and in the television station in St. He was my father, but he was also my grandfather instead. I was taken into another room to dress and thats when I knew.

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