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Dantes words start to come true with every word. Your thoughts are flooded with things you can remember, and if you had to choose, you would give all those things above for one night with the person you like the most. You think about Dante in high school, about his high school years, and about the time you ran into him in his childhood bedroom. You then think about the time you ran into him in a parking lot, in his parents car. You think about everyone that you know and love. T want to think about losing your home. You wonder what happened to your house and your family and your home and about where the hell you are. The last thought of your life is the most important one. You lifeYou look around your room and see a bunch of stuff from a variety of places. Like the clothes on the chair in your room are your actual clothes from your closet, not some weird outfits you wear for the sake of wearing them. You also probably own a shirt that was once worn by a younger version of yourself and a pair of jeans that were once worn by someone else. T remember why you wore those; all you know is that you wore them. Life, but all of that is just background noise to your thoughts. Re even trying to do here in this stupid ass house doing such a thing. S a bathroom, the bathroom that you used to share with your mother.

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