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Some of them are sad because they look like a junkie, others are still in recovery, and still struggling. The best we, can do is, be very good by ourselves, be good to ourself, and continue to be an helpful part of, our community. The world is bigger, we need to be more aware. All the people around you, we need, to be aware Do, you, know, about, what, your, friend, is, suffering.

Many of them, even do tobacco, alcohol and other. Compeople, celebrities, who are unhealthy due to some wrong addictions. 0,00,60-1-19Theyre like a bunch of guys on roller skates trying to catch the car, said former New Mexico Gov. Theyre not going to catch up to the car in time. Getty Gary Johnson: Trump not fit for Supreme CourtThe prospect of a Donald Trump appointment to the Supreme Court, Gary Johnson said Sunday night at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando, could be a death wish for the nation. The presumptive Republican nominees positions on issues like abortion and immigration, however, could end up benefiting the Libertarian Party at the polls, he said at the Libertarian National Convention, which culminated his third and final presidential campaign. Story Continued BelowI will tell you one thing that is extremely positive for us in November is Donald Trump not being on the Supreme Court, the former New Mexico governor said. Theyre like a bunch of guys on roller skates trying to catch the car. Johnson, who as a Republican served three terms as governor of his home state, said the GOP nominees stances on the Second Amendment would hurt the Second Amendment, as well as his lack of public service experience. You have a guy thats not much of a government person, Johnson said. He owes a lot of money to banks that he borrowed money from, and hes not paid it off. Hes not very smart, Johnson added. He has not had a lot of experience in government. Hes somebody who, by all accounts, is very inexperienced and not very well-versed in the constitutional principles of our country, which are the foundation of our government. The Libertarian Party convention was the first in the partys 108-year history. Its presidential nominee this time around was former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, and the party chose to nominate for president former Massachusetts Gov.

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