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Bardo had been stalking her for more than three years, and she had not reported it to police, nor had she reported it to her family because she was too busy being stumped by the father she had once loved for being a stalker. When Samantha had stopped her relationship with Bardo and returned to him, he had been stalking her for about two years. In 1988, he had been stalking her for almost four. Bardo, whom she had loved, had died in a plane crash, and she had been heartbroken. It is true that being stalked by a stalker is a very bad thing, but not when that stalker happens to be famous, because then it is like you are also a stalker who happens to be famous. The whole scene is not even funny, unless you happen to be a stalker. It all started several months ago in the year 2016, when you had found out that your ex-boyfriend, who happened to be a stalker, had recently gotten married and had gotten a new girlfriend: an actress who you were not acquainted with before her. And you had been contemplating whether or not you should break up with your ex so that you could try to meet the actress. After all, it is true that you might not have known everything about the actress and that the actress might not be the most perfect actress after all, you were going to be able to meet her if you broke up with your ex. However, this plan of yours was dashed when you had found out about the actresss relationship with a stalker. And the fact is, she was a stalker who was a major problem, because you had to kill her in order to break up with the stalker. The whole thing was really weird and you thought that you cant ever be able to break up with your ex. You can only hope that you will not ever be a stalker, but then again, maybe that will never happen, either. You were thinking that you dont even want to go to Hollywood anymore, because what a horrible place it is, and so many people there are who want to hurt you. Of course, you had no way of telling, in any case, you just told your therapist that you were thinking about quitting your job at the club you worked at in Hollywood in order to be with someone you are not married to, because your ex is a stalker. The therapist was in shock; you had told her so many horrible things about your ex, so much about her that had made her start to sweat and feel tears in her eyes. She asked, trying to keep your thoughts from your therapist.

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celebrities killed by stalkers