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Uncircumcised celebrities are somewhat cute as well as pretty much. Wow, hes really not cut out for this kind of life. But its gonna be fun the way he goes through it. Ive been trying to think of a new nickname for you, but Ive been stumped. I think we should call you the old one. I think we should call you the new one. You sure you dont want whatever stupid nickname he thinks up for you. Okay, I guess I can call you that, then. You go up to his roomYou go up to his room, while hes asleep. You think hell wake up at some point, and then youll take a look at him. At first, you notice nothing out of the ordinary. Hes wearing his shirt, and pants, and shoes, and thats about it. Well then, you assume hes uncut, so he should be naked, too. Of course, that can only mean one thing you are not really in the mood for your girlfriends boyfriend. Youre going to have to come up with something else to do, then. You quickly open up your cell phone and call your sisters number. Hey, do you need help moving some boxes. You agree to help herIll help, but its kind of late and I really need to get going. Well try to move some boxes later.

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